Dis­con­nect is an audio-visu­al per­for­mance about the engi­neered human being and it’s val­ue towards imper­fec­tion. In a soci­ety were minds are being con­nect­ed to the inter­net and bod­ies are not exist­ing any­more, our main char­ac­ter is ques­tion­ing him­self if he wants to stay dis­con­nect­ed or fol­low the stream. 

Cast and crew

Per­former Min­gus Dagelet 
Voice Mehrnoush Rah­mani 
Direc­tor Robin Coops
Writer Sytze Schalk
Dra­maturg Flo­ri­an Hell­wig
Com­pos­er Eric Mag­nee
Videode­sign Karl Klomp
Light­de­sign Wij­nand van der Horst
Scenog­ra­phy Maze de Boer
Cos­tumedesign Mar­ti­jn Kramp
Cam­era­man Joris Bul­stra
Tech­nique  Col­in Kassies
Pro­duc­tion Jan­neke Lind­ner 
Pro­duc­tion Tour Ros­alie Witte 
Pro­duc­er M31 Foun­da­tion
Co-pro­duc­er Ins Blau
Thanks to: FPK, AFK, Prins Bern­hard Cul­tu­ur­fonds, VIA ZUID, Gemeente Lei­den, Let­teren­fonds

Acad­e­miege­bouw, Ins Blau, Com­pag­ni­ethe­ater, Toneelschu­ur, Verkade­fab­riek, The­ater Kikker, The­ater aan het Vri­jthof, TEFAF, Maasthe­ater


Sep­tem­ber 16  - Lei­den Acad­e­miege­bouw Pre­view — Kun­st en Ken­nis Fes­ti­val 
Octo­ber 5 20:30 Lei­den Ins Blau Try-out
Octo­ber 6 20:30 Lei­den Ins Blau Try-out
Octo­ber 7  20:30 Ams­ter­dam Com­pag­ni­ethe­ater Pre­miere
Octo­ber 8 15:00 Ams­ter­dam Splen­dor Lez­ing
Octo­ber 8 20:30 Ams­ter­dam Com­pag­ni­ethe­ater  
Novem­ber 1 20:30 Haar­lem Toneelschu­ur  
Novem­ber 7 19:00 s’Hertogenbosch Verkade­fab­riek  Novem­ber Music
Decem­ber 6 - Utrecht The­ater Kikker Win­ter­col­lec­tie 
March 13 20:30 Maas­tricht AINSI TEFAF
May 12–14 - Rot­ter­dam Maasthe­ater  




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