Dis­con­nect is a project that is dev­id­ed into a live audio­vi­su­al per­for­mance and a inter­ac­tive web­site. 

Dis­con­nect fol­lows the rela­tion­ship between Löw and Rox­anne. In the live per­for­mance we focus on the sto­ry of Löw while on the web­site we fol­low the sto­ry of Rox­anne. The web­site can be seen as a pro­logue of live per­for­mance.

Het Let­teren­fonds’ made it pos­si­ble to built and cre­ate this unique web­site.

Con­cept: Robin Coops

Text: Sytze Schalk 

Web­sit­edesign: Bren­don Heist

Ani­ma­tions: Wilbert van Veld­huizen

Sound­de­sign: Eric Mag­née

Voice: Mehrnoush Rah­mani